Fresh Start

I’ve been wanting to start blogging again for a very long time, but I honestly didn’t have the energy to put into it. I think I was just imagining blogging as a full on hobby/career like most of the bloggers I follow. For part of 2012 that’s exactly what I did, but it felt like so much work. This time around I don’t want it to feel like work, I want it to feel just as if I was writing on my own personal diary. The main purpose of this space will be to preserve my memories for the future, and to share a glimpse of what my life is like with anyone who is interested. I have no specific agenda as far as what my posts will be like or how often I will post. I want The Sunny Diaries to be a reflection of what my life is like, and what I’m currently thinking about or enjoying a little bit too much. I might be able to inspire a person or two, or at least find like-minded people along the way. In the past I dedicated a big part of my blog to my personal style, and although I still love fashion, that’s not going to be the main focus of this blog anymore. When I came up with the name for this blog, about 3 years ago, I imagined it to be some sort of diary of my life in sunny Miami, hence the name “The Sunny Diaries.” I think after all I’ll be honoring the blog’s name with its content. We will see how this new venture goes. I’m trying not to put so much pressure on myself. This will hopefully be a fun little project.

Image Source: Pinterest

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